Master Franchise Available (Entire State) for $10,000

It's often said that the best ideas are the simplest ones. If that's true, Screen Printing USA is destined for glory. Combining technology on the cutting edge of tomorrow with a service - custom imprinting - that is an integral part of the American lifestyle, is truly a stroke of genius.


Russell K. Owens, founder and CEO of Screen Printing USA, has developed a revolutionary method of franchising that utilizes cutting edge technology to make the entire process of printing faster and more efficient. Traditional screen printing is very labor intensive. This significantly reduced the ability of owners to maintain high volume turnover, a key to profitability. With a Screen Printing USA computer-based system, which streamlines the graphic design and pre-print aspect of the printing process, there is a much faster turnaround.

"Owners can concentrate on serving existing customers and expanding their client base rather than on slow-moving production," says Russell. "Our customers know they can count on us to meet their deadlines every time."

Screen Printing USA is more than just technology. It is a people business, centered around one of the most popular apparel items in the U.S. today. From coast to coast, people spot imprinted messages and creative graphics on everything from T-shirts to jackets. According to experts in the clothing field, wearing T-shirts is a way for people to express themselves. They're comfortable and casual and go with just about everything. In fact, American consumers purchased 1.6 billion T-shirts last year alone.

Helping to fill the public's seeming insatiable demand for imprinted items with speed, design flair and superior quality is what Screen Printing USA is all about.

"We're enabling our franchises to do things never before possible with old silk screening methods," says Russell. "Our methods are simple, clean, and user friendly."

Combined with Screen Printing USA's proven management and marketing techniques, owners are superbly equipped to meet the ongoing needs of their customers.

Screen Printing USA offers its franchises so many benefits: the latest in computer technology, volume buying discounts, comprehensive training, a low initial investment, and exclusive territories from which to operate their business. Not to mention the fact that Screen Printing USA is fun to operate. "It's amazing how much they enjoy their work." says Russell. "It's not surprising; they have the best of all possible worlds, with a product that's easy to produce and customers in love with their product."

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